Prescription discounts with mail order options

Save up to 85% on prescription medication. Virtual Health provides six savings options and methods to obtain your prescriptions; including pharmacy pick-up at over 60,000 locations nationwide and free home delivery on prescriptions with a 90-day supply!

Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs:

*Generic Equivalent

Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients at the same strength and purity as their brand-name counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost.

* Mail Order

Sending prescription medications directly by mail provides a great convenience and substantial savings for medications taken on an ongoing basis.

*Pill Splitting

Medications that are available in twice the normal dosage and that can be safely split may make it possible to double the supply for half the cost.

*Patient Assistance Programs

NaviGoRx in-house prescription specialists help qualifying employees to get medicines through the various public or private programs right for them.

*Generic Therapeutic Alternative

Patents typically protect brand-name drugs for many years. This means that no generic equivalent can be developed during that time. Though these drugs are not the exact same equivalent of the brand-name, they treat medical conditions in a similar way at a fraction of the price.

Local Pharmacies

Choices matter, and with over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, the inherent price competition among local pharmacist creates significant savings.


If you select Generic Equivalent, Mail Order, Pill Splitting, Patient Assistance Programs, or Therapeutic Alternatives, we will prompt you to provide some more information about your prescription and physician. Our team will contact your current pharmacy or physician to obtain prescription information if needed. We will notify you as soon as we obtain the prescription and fulfill your order. It typically only takes a few days.


1 Search

Using NaviGoRx is Simple and Easy. Search for your medication and enter the exact dosage and quantity needed. We will instantly provide you with the cost of the drug.


2 Select

Once we have helped you find the best price for your medication, select the best way for you to receive it. Pick it up at any pharmacy you choose, or save even more time and money by choosing to have a 90-day supply sent directly to your home. You can also sign up for a home-delivery monthly subscription if you qualify for one of our PAP’s (Patient Assistance Programs).


3 Save

After you have paid for your prescription, simply choose whether you would like to receive your NaviGoRx purchase receipt via text or email. Make sure to bring your receipt with you to the local pharmacy you have selected. We are accepted in over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, and with your NaviGoRx program, you owe nothing at the pharmacy. Just get your medication and go!


4 Save Even More with Home Delivery

Save even more time and money by qualifying for a PAP program. Let us handle everything for you, and deliver your prescriptions right to your door.